Pulaski County's at-risk students are served at the Alternative Learning Center (ALC). Chronically disruptive students are removed from the regular classroom and are provided the opportunity to continue their studies and to modify their behavior at the ALC. Students learn accountability and responsibility for their actions through the goal oriented structured environment of the ALC.

Located in the old Hawkinsville High School building, the ALC is a five county cooperative serving students from Pulaski,  Dooly, Bleckley, and Wilcox Counties. Many, many students make successful transitions back to the regular classroom.

The ALC also serves students at-risk for dropping out of school. Individualized instruction and flexibility in contact hour completion help keep students in school. Instruction in the basic core courses plus several business electives is provided by certified teachers. Two fully networked computer labs containing a wide selection of software are available to students. The ALC is linked to the high school media center via the system wide area network. Students can complete research projects in the ALC computer lab using resources available at the high school. 

The goal of the Alternative Learning Center is to keep at-risk students in school, to assist them in meeting requirements for graduation, and to provide them every opportunity to become productive citizens


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