Mrs. Susan Bennett
Literacy Coach






  • Lead the school in the implementation of specific high impact practices

  • Coach teacher in the process and practices that produce high levels of student achievement

  • Model best practices in leadership and instruction

  • Assist in the implementation of school improvement

  • Assist in the development and implementation of school-based professional learning communities

  • Facilitate the Georgia Performance Standards initiative for leadership at the school and system levels and provide support for the implementation of the GPS within classrooms

  • Lead the school in the implementation of practices to insure a secure learning environment

  • Model exemplary clasroom practices and mentor teachers having difficulty meeting Reading First goals

  • Collect, maintain, and report data on student reading performance

  • Meet with teachers to modify instruction based on data

  • Arrange intervention for students that demonstrate on assessments that they are 'at risk'

  • Assist schools with the utilization of formative and summative data in the school improvement process

  • Assist with the identification and training of technical assistance teams to do school improvement activities

  • Coordinate school improvement programs and direct the necessary faculty and staff in those endeavors


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