Mrs. Tonya Hair
Intervention Specialist






  • Conduct teacher trainings on RTI (Response to Intervention) process and appropriate interventions

  • Meet with county RTI team to coordinate RTI process and forms

  • Coordinate school wide universal screenings and progress monitoring

  • Oversee implementation of intervention by classroom teachers

  • Review screening data with teachers and help determine student's needs

  • Facilitate all paperwork necessary for movement through tiers

  • Collect and house materials needed for various interventions

  • Maintain all RTI records and student folders

  • Schedule and conduct all RTI planning and update meetings

  • Do student observations in relationship to RTI process

  • Create behavior intervention plans for students in cooperation with teachers

  • Make referrals to Special Education department for testing when necessary

  • Work directly with students to provide intervention in order to help meet academic goals

  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis

  • Conduct parent workshops on various topics



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