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Name Email Location
Robin White ALC Director
Barbara Dunaway Teacher
Tony Thompson Teacher
Rhonda Black Special Education /  School Psychologist
Nora Boling Secretary - Front Office - Part Time
Lori Brannen   Executive Secretary to Superintendent
Shelly Berryhill Technology Specialist
Sheryl Carr Board Office
Donna Coats Director of Food Service
Rene Coleman Board Office Finance Officer
Beverly Dunaway Secretary-Assistant Superintendent
Jerry Hightower Resource Officer
Tonya Lawley Office Clerk
Brent Lowe Director of Operations
Ann Mullis   Payroll
Janis Sparrow Superintendent
Charles Spires Technology Specialist
Brenda Valiante School Nutrition Secretary / Bookkeeper
Robin White Director of Technology / ALC Director
Jane Dollie Williams Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Lisa Woods   Special Education Secretary
Christy Abney Elementary School
Toree Adams Elementary School Nurse
Monica Bass   Academic Coach
Alfreda Bembry   Elementary School  
Barbara Bentley Elementary School Lunchroom
Larry Bennett Elementary School
Donnette Blake   Elementary School  
Katrina Blake Elementary School  Counselor
Julie Bloodworth   Elementary School  
Vaunda Bloodworth Elementary School
Angie Bowen Elementary School Paraprofessional
June Brannen   Elementary School  
Anthony Brown Elementary School Custodian
Debbie Brown   Elementary School  
Lue Brown Elementary School Lunchroom
Sonya Burroughs Elementary School
Terri Cannon Elementary School  
Bonita Castleberry Elementary School
Cathy Coleman   Elementary School Paraprofessional - Media Center
Barbara Coley Elementary School Lunchroom
Stephanie Collins Elementary School
Cathy Sue Coody Elementary School
Brad Cooley Elementary School
Gloria Dawson   Elementary School  
Lynn Dunaway   Elementary School  
Jennifer Edwards Elementary School Teacher
Tammy Folds Elementary School
Dale Garnto Elementary School Principal
Paulette Goodroe Elementary School Paraprofessional 
Kevin Gordon Elementary School  Custodian
Keith Green Elementary School Assistant Principal
Beth Griffin   Elementary School  
Stephanie Grinstead Elementary School
Beth Head Elementary School Lunchroom
Mitzi Helms Elementary School
Marvin Hill   Elementary School  
Michelle K. Hill   Elementary School
Christy Hogg Elementary School  
Kitten Holder Elementary School  
Shelby Holland Elementary School Paraprofessional
Doris Howard Elementary School Lunchroom
John Hutto Elementary School Custodian
Ellie Johnson Elementary School
Ethel Laidler Elementary School Lunchroom
Linda Lee Elementary School
Holly Long Elementary School  
Brandi Lowe Elementary School
Levada Luke Elementary School Paraprofessional
Carol McClung   Elementary School  
Theresa McGriff Elementary School Paraprofessional
Stephanie Milner Elementary School Media Specialist
Iris Mims Elementary School Lunchroom
Angie Mitchell Elementary School Paraprofessional
Jean Mixon   Elementary School  
Karen Morrison Elementary School
Stephanie Mullis   Office Clerk 
Tammy Murphy Elementary School
Lonnie Nelson   Elementary School  
Jessica Owens Elementary School
David O'Brien Elementary School
DeeAnn Paulk Taylor Elementary School
Shelia Paulsen Elementary School
Donna Peavy Elementary School  
Pam Peavy   Elementary School  
Courtney Phillips  Elementary School Teacher
Cindy Pritchett Elementary School Social Worker
Kathy Rattray  Elementary School  
James Rawls Elementary School Custodian
Janie Richey Elementary School Lunchroom
Mary Jo Rozar Elementary School Paraprofessional
Robbie Rozier   Elementary School  
Sandy Rucker Elementary School  
Beulah Scott   Elementary School  
Polly Sheffield   Elementary School Secretary
Stephanie M. Smith   Elementary School  
Jennifer Snelgrove Elementary School
Paula Speir Elementary School
Gennifer Stuckey Elementary School
Melissa Taylor Elementary School
Minnie Thomas Elementary School Paraprofessional
Gini Thompson Elementary School Instructional Coordinator
Patricia Thompson   Elementary School Secretary
Nancy Walker Elementary School
Angel Wall   Elementary School  
Wanda Whitehead   Elementary School Paraprofessional
Nichole Winchester Elementary School
Crissy Woods Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher
Le Anne Worley Elementary School  
Renae Wynne   Elementary School  
Belinda Allums High School Teacher
Gary Andrews High School History Teacher
Ida Barden High School Food Service
Hilary Barker   High School API 
Ora Lee Batton High School Food Service
Amy Black   High School Counselor
Cam Black   High School Head Coach / Asst Athletic Director
Latrelle Brannen High School Food Service
Marla Burch High School Teacher
Mary Colson   High School Secretary 
Randy Colson High School Art Teacher
Will Conner High School Social Studies Teacher
Amanda Coody High School Teacher
Elizabeth Cowart High School Literacy Coach
Billy Cox High School Custodian
David Daniell High School Coach
Janet Davis High School Business Education Teacher
Marie Dillard High School Food Service
Teresa Folds High School Paraprofessional
Debbie Garner   High School Resource
Jack Gaston High School Math Teacher
Sue Gibbs High School Science Teacher
Mary Giddens High School Food Service
Kelli Green High School Child Development
Wendell Hamrick High School Drafting
Jennifer Head High School Math Coach
Jerry Hightower Resource Officer
Gail Holmes High School Paraprofessional
Myra Hurst   High School English
Bobby Jackson High School Food Service
Ivy Jackson   High School Applied Health Care
Liz Jernigan High School Teacher
Russell Lawley High School Assistant Principal
Wendy Smarr High School Math Teacher
Tracy Mays High School ISS Instructor
Barbara Mullis   High School Resource
Leslie Murkerson High School Math Teacher
Sherry Myers High School Media Clerk
Christa Nelson High School Transition Specialist
Paula Nixon High School Food Service
Walter Parks High School Gen. Hort./Landscaping Teacher
Sharon Patat   High School Business Education Teacher 
Maisie Pilkinton High School Math Teacher
Mary Posey High School Food Service
Chris Powell Band Director
Pat Rhodes   High School Registrar
Judy Shedd   High School Bookkeeper
Julius Shennett High School Custodian
Jana Simmons High School Science Teacher
Cassandra Singletary High School Secretary
Sherry Sinyard High School Media Center
Marvin Slappey High School Custodian
Lisa Stewart High School Counselor
Deshia Taylor High School Nurse Tech
Nathan Thompson High School Physical Education
Ronnie Vivas High School Spanish
Patricia Williams High School Food Service
Rosemary Wright   High School Principal
Mattie Woods   High School English
Samantha Arnold Middle School Teacher
Susan Arnold Middle School Teacher
Susan Bennett Middle School Literacy Coach
Jaqueline Bishop Middle School ISS Instructor
Mellisa Cape Middle School Teacher
Cindy Conner Middle School Counselor
Becky Cox   Middle School Office Clerk
Tracy Crawley Middle School Paraprofessional
Ellen F. Davis   Middle School Teacher
Lisa Dykes Middle School Teacher
Larry Faulk Middle School Principal
Mary Giddens Lunchroom Manager
Johnny Gordon Middle School Custodian
Tiffany Goss Middle School Paraprofessional
Jeannie Hardy   Middle School Teacher
Christina Hawkins Middle School Teacher
Marvin Hill Middle School Art Teacher
Cathy Holt Middle School Paraprofessional
Paula Horton Middle School Teacher
Cote Jones Middle School Teacher (P.E.)
Shelva Lester Middle School Teacher
Stephen McDuffie Middle School Teacher
Jenny McKinney Middle School Paraprofessional
Jimmy McLeod Middle School Custodian
Karen Morrison Middle School Chorus
Kevin Morrison Middle School Teacher
Millie Moore Middle School Teacher
Chris Powell Band Director
Misty Roberson   Middle School Teacher  
Melanie Sanders Middle School Teacher
Elizabeth Simmons   Middle School Teacher
Theresa Statham Middle School Paraprofessional
Penny Vaughn Middle School Parapro
Staci Vickers Middle School Assistant Principal
/ Instructional Coordinator
Lisa Witherington  Middle School Teacher 
Mark Witherington Middle School Teacher
Margaret Wynne   Middle School Secretary  
Majie Bentley Assistant Lead Teacher (parapro)
Christine Cromer Lead Teacher
Mary Daughtry Assistant Lead Teacher (parapro)
Kayla Darsey Special Ed. Teacher
Tammy Deese Special Ed. Parapro
Scott Evans Custodian
Tammy Gernert Assistant Lead Teacher (parapro)
Jaclyn King Lead Teacher
Linda Lee Clerk
Michelle Stone Lead Teacher
Staci Vickers Director
Kim Wesby Lead Teacher
Pearlie West Assistant Lead Teacher (parapro)


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