Our Middle School has received the following awards and certifications

*Most improved percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards in the Heart of Georgia RESA District for 2007-08 in 6th grade writing.

*Georgia State Superintendent Distinguished Achievement Award for improvement in Grade 6 Reading.   This was awarded to the 10 schools with the greatest gains in the percentage of students in the meets and exceeds scoring levels.

Accredited With Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.   Our School met 100% of the standards required by the Commission.

Accredited With Quality by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Accreditation is an on-going commitment that guarantees schools continue to seek improvement.   The process includes development of criteria or standards for measurement, development of a school improvement plan, and on-site evaluation by a team of visiting professionals.   Both the schools and the community benefit from the accrediting process.   Schools develop a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses and implement a plan to address those areas.   The community is assured of accountability and value for their tax dollar because schools meet established standards and undergo regular re-evaluation.


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